5 Coaches Currently In Jobs New Jersey Devils Must Keep An Eye On

The New Jersey Devils most important decision this offseason is to hire a new coach. There are five coaches who might be available if things don't go right in the playoffs.
Pittsburgh Penguins head coach Mike Sullivan
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Rod Brind'Amour
Carolina Hurricanes

This one seems almost impossible, but this should be number one on the Devils list if it's even remotely possible. Rod Brind'Amour is one of the best head coaches in the NHL. He's led the Carolina Hurricanes to this new era where they are constantly a contender in the Metropolitan Division. Why could it be even remotely possible the Hurricanes would let a franchise legend who happens to be a coaching phenom go when he's been successful?

Money. The only reason is money. Brind'Amour deserves to be one of the highest paid coaches in the NHL. However, that's never been how the Carolina Hurricanes have done business. They never want to be at the top of the food chain.

Reports say Brind'Amour makes about $1.8 million per season. Brind'Amour himself said it wasn't going to be an easy negotiation. If the Devils came over the top and made it clear they would be willing to pay the right coach $5 million per season, would that rock the boat for Brind'Amour? Maybe this is already finished, but there is no concrete report that Brind'Amour has signed an extension.

The Devils should spend what it takes if it means RBA behind the Devils bench. Just think about much he would save on wardrobe alone. The color scheme is the same. Maybe that, plus that $5 million payday, could help push the Hurricanes to a place where they let their coach find employment elsewhere.