5 Moments That Ruined New Jersey Devils Season

The New Jersey Devils season continues to fall further and further outside the playoff picture. Let's find the five moments where it all went wrong.

New Jersey Devils center Nico Hischier (13)
New Jersey Devils center Nico Hischier (13) / Stephen R. Sylvanie-USA TODAY Sports
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The New Jersey Devils have just been a constant disappointment this year. There has been quite a bit of bad luck, but the Devils have every chance to stay in the playoff race, and they've failed again and again. Just take this past weekend, where the Devils had a back-to-back against two Western Conference teams. The Arizona Coyotes are playing for nothing, but yet, the Devils got swept by both teams. Meanwhile, two wins would have had them two points out of a playoff spot with 14 games to play.

It's just how this season has gone, but truthfully, this entire year has been awful. The Devils have now lost four more games than they won after winning every one of their preseason games. It's just a disaster for a team that was supposed to be a legitimate Stanley Cup contender.

So when looking at dozens of low moments this season had to offer, which moments really put the season in the tubes?

One thing that's not technically on the list but we still wanted to mention was the arrest of Michael McLeod and Cal Foote. Being a teammate with these guys has to have impacted the rest of the team. The allegations are heinous, and now one player who's been here for years and another who joined them this year were there one day and gone the next without basically no notice.

The Devils are 8-14-1 since the McLeod and Foote arrests. Even beyond their on-ice impacts, this had to be a burden for the rest of this team to bear. The crime is just awful, and being tied to it at all is an embarrassment for the organization.