5 New Jersey Devils that benefit from Sheldon Keefe hiring

The New Jersey Devils could be one of the top teams in the NHL again if they are smart.
Pittsburgh Penguins v New Jersey Devils
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Alexander Holtz would love to see a boost in his ice time with a new coach

Alexander Holtz had a hard time staying consistent in 2023-24. He was one of the leaders in 5 on 5 goals but he was never given extra ice time and he was hardly used in the power play. 

He had a better chance of being benched in a game that he scored in than getting extra ice. It was very weird to see through the entire season. 

Was his two-way game perfect? No. Was he drafted seventh overall to play defense? Also, no. He was drafted so high so he could fill the net as the team recently drafted all-world centers. 

Holtz didn’t get much of a boost when Travis Greene took over for Lindy Ruff, but things didn’t change for him in terms of his usage. With Keefe, it is expected that he will get a chance to grow in the areas in which he excels while learning more about his weaknesses.