5 NHL buyout candidates New Jersey Devils should keep an eye on

The NHL buyout window begins two days after the end of the Stanley Cup Final. Some teams could be looking to offload big contracts, and that could give the New Jersey Devils a quick deal for big names.
Montreal Canadiens v New Jersey Devils
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Jeff Skinner
Buffalo Sabres

This is another one that’s a long-time coming, but it has nothing to do with the Devils. The Jeff Skinner contract has been laughable basically since a few minutes after it was signed. Skinner had one ridiculous season after he was traded to Buffalo, and they paid him more than Jack Hughes. 

This buyout is going to hurt. However, it won’t hurt as much as some may think. Skinner’s cap hit will only go down about $1.44 million this season, but Buffalo is still not all the way there anyway. However, they save $4.4 million next season and $6.4 million the season after that. This is when the Sabres want to be competing and will need that money. The cost will be a little over $2 million for 27-28, 28-29, and 29-30. 

We also know how Lindy Ruff uses players like Skinner. It just doesn’t really fit. However, new Devils head coach Sheldon Keefe could find a really good role for Skinner, who can still score. He had 24 goals last season. He had north of 30 in the two years prior. The Devils can absolutely use that, and it might be better than having to pay Tyler Toffoli long-term.