5 Players In Stanley Cup Final to Watch for New Jersey Devils

The New Jersey Devils are not in the Stanley Cup Final, but they could use this time to scout their next big free agent signing. There are some great players who are playing their last games for their current franchise.
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Brandon Montour

We talked about how Sam Bennett was too much of a pipe dream because of price, and most would put Brandon Montour in that category as well. Montour took a team-friendly deal which paid him just $3.5 million per season. Now, he’s going to cash in.

If he does get the $7+ million some are predicting, the Devils would be a hard out on him. However, if he comes slightly below that at $6 million, then the Devils just have to trade John Marino to make it work. Then, it’s just a $2ish million difference for a massive upgrade. Of course, the Devils already have Dougie Hamilton and Simon Nemec on the right side, but you  can never have too much of a good thing. 

Montour feels like a name that should get really good money, but he’s just off the top of the market. That could cause Tom Fitzgerald to see him as a deal he can’t pass up. Fitzgerald is known as a guy who has a lot of logs on the fire, and we expect him to at least call Montour’s people.

It’s probably a pipe dream, but that doesn’t mean the Devils won’t be watching and possibly falling in love with Montour’s possible fit. He is 30 years old, which means this entire deal is paying him while he’s on the decline, even if it’s slight. That’s going to be a consideration for Fitzgerald.