5 Players Who've Played Their Last Game With New Jersey Devils

Every year, the New Jersey Devils see players who've played their final game in red and black. This season, while not as drastic as last season, is no different.
Montreal Canadiens v New Jersey Devils
Montreal Canadiens v New Jersey Devils / Sarah Stier/GettyImages
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Max Willman

The Max Willman story was fun while it lasted, but it’s over now. He fought his way onto the roster, playing on a professional tryout in training camp and earning a contract. The former fifth-round pick came from the Flyers organization, where he played 50 games in the NHL. The Devils thought he could bring something, at least for the Utica Comets

With the Devils, Willman finished the season with three goals and an assist in 18 games. He scored two goals in his last three games with the Devils. It really wasn’t a bad little run. 

Yet, the Devils would be in real trouble if Willman was the best they could do for depth this offseason. This is a team that needs an upgrade with every move they make. Because of the level of departures last season and the money they had to spend, they needed to take a step back. However, this team can’t do that twice, especially after missing the playoffs this season.

Expect the Devils to get very aggressive in addressing depth. Maybe another player like Willman gets a PTO at the beginning of next season, but we don’t see it being Willman himself.