5 possible New Jersey Devils free agent targets that are still available

It was a wild and crazy first day of NHL Free Agency, with more than 130 contracts given out across the league. Despite more than $1 billion spent, there are still multiple free agents the New Jersey Devils could target.
New Jersey Devils v Washington Capitals
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4. Vladimir Tarasenko

Vladimir Tarasenko is not nearly as good as his name value would suggest, but as he showed in the Eastern Conference Finals against the New York Rangers, he could still showcase great offense in spurts. With the Stanley Cup Champion Florida Panthers (and some with the Ottawa Senators), Tarasenko had 55 points in the regular season. In the playoffs, he had nine points in 24 games. The latter number isn’t his best, but he scored the series winner in Game 6 of the ECF. He can still score when it matters.

What is Tarasenko looking for in future contracts? The former St. Louis Blues great signed a $5 million contract for one year last offseason. The Devils couldn’t afford that. Maybe the Devils could fill the contract with incentives and kick the can down the road, but the fact is that other teams can make this more worthwhile for Tarasenko.

Still, it all depends on what motivates him at this point in his career. He’s 32 years old, and his skills have diminished from where they once were. Players who can score more than 50 points still do well in free agency, but there’s a reason he’s on this list. He’s asking for something others aren’t willing to give him. They are waiting for his number to drop. 

The Devils might be one of those teams. He’s not Stamkos, but he was once one of the premier scorers in the league like him. He won’t get a Stamkos-like deal, but maybe the Devils can entice him with another chance at a championship.