5 Things We Learned In Tom Fitzgerald's Extension Press Conference

Tom Fitzgerald was asked timely questions impacting the New Jersey Devils both on and off the ice. These fives topics were the most important.
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2. A timetable for Dougie Hamilton's timetable

We've known for weeks that Dougie Hamilton is going to be out for a long time with a torn pectoral muscle in his chest. It's a devastating injury for a defenseman who is signed for four more seasons after this one. It's still unclear if Hamilton can even return this season, whether it's the regular season or during the playoffs, if the Devils are lucky enough to make it there.

Fitzgerald gave an update on Hamilton's health. Well, it was more like a timeline for an update. He said that Hamilton was going in for tests this week, and then he would go in for more tests in two or three weeks, which would reveal just what kind of timetable the Devils are working with.

"We should have a better feel middle of February of where he's at and what his timeline really looks like. In real time from the start of when he got operated on, how many months that'll be for him to be 100% and be cleared to play."

Tom Fitzgerald

It's been about seven weeks since Hamilton's injury. According to Very Well Health, he should be just starting with his range of motion movements. That's probably a large factor in how long Hamilton will be out. He's definitely not close, but if he's recovering well, hopefully Hamilton can help towards the stretch run. We've seen some athletes beat the odds and return faster than normal, like T.J. Watt.

There was an interesting comment about injuries later in the press conference. Blitzer said there is no way to know exact timelines and they have to have plans for any possible setbacks, and that's why the team never reveals injury timelines to a specific degree.