5 Things We Learned In Tom Fitzgerald's Extension Press Conference

Tom Fitzgerald was asked timely questions impacting the New Jersey Devils both on and off the ice. These fives topics were the most important.

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4. He's spoken about trades

When asked specifically about a goalie trade, Fitzgerald said his famous trope about always looking at deals to make the team better. It's the diplomatic approach that isn't too surprising. He's not going to throw Vanecek, Lindy Ruff, Schmid, Daws, or anyone else under the bus before a trade happens. He's also not going to show his cards to the rest of the league.

Of course, with talking about everything he was concerned about with this team, it's no surprise he's listening to what other teams have to say/offer to make this team better in the short and long term.

"I'm looking to improve the team. As we continue to evaluate past, present, and where we want to go, if an opportunity arose that's going to help our team, absolutely I'm all in to do that. "

Tom Fitzgerald

They spoke earlier about how hard it was to evaluate the team with so many "quality bodies" out of the lineup. They spoke at length about missing Jack Hughes and the impact he and Hamilton have on this team when in the lineup. However, he said he was looking to improve the team and spoke about adding a depth defenseman or a goalie. He said his phone is always working, but right now, most of the other teams are just trying to gauge interest before making a deal.