Final Play Ratings For New Jersey Devils Players

The New Jersey Devils did not fair well this season. How did the rank in terms of grades?
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Erik Haula
GP:76 G:16 A:19 PTS:35

Erik Haula had pretty similar numbers to last season and what we would expect from a third-line guy. Nothing he does jumps out at you, but he did play alright defensively, especially compared to the awful rest of the roster, and he is very good in the faceoff circle. Next season, when this team is hopefully better, he should slot in again as 3c and be just fine in the role.

Rating: B

Dawson Mercer
GP:82 G:20 A:13 PTS:33

Dawson Mercer fell off a cliff this season, dropping by seven goals and 23 points while also failing to drive the play at all somehow. His 200-foot play that was fantastic for anyone, let alone a young player, was just gone this season, and it was like watching a whole different player. While +/- is not the best stat, it is a pretty insane stat drop that should be pointed out to go from +22 to -26, especially when you are 22, not 38 years old. Mercer looked like a lock to be a 200-foot player who was probably going to get 25-30 goals a season for a decade, but this year was very concerning, though he should be given the opportunity to earn back the trust from day one next season.

Rating: D

Ondrej Palat
GP:71 G:11 A:20 PTS:31

The shadow of what once was Ondrej Palat continued, and that contract that looked bad on day one is just an anchor already. He was so invisible for 60 games that most fans forgot that he was actually playing and not injured or just on the team. He doesn't do much defensively, doesn't hit, doesn't look involved in the games in any way, and puts up 11 goals. The team should be trying to offload him already, but no sane team would take him, and with Arizona gone, they don't need to get to the cap floor anymore.

Rating: D

Alexander Holtz
GP:82 G:16 A:12 PTS:28

The season was a big waste, and unfortunately, the team used that time to also waste Holtz. The team loved to bench him mid-game for bad giveaways but ignored it when done by other players over and over, which was nuts. On top of that, drafting a guy seventh overall to be a sniper and playing him a few minutes a night and on the 4th line is terrible for development, terrible for his confidence, and terrible for his trade value if you don't want him. Why not play the sniper you drafted to play with Hughes with Hughes? Welcome to Devils coaching this season and hopefully this season only. That being said, putting up 16 goals with his ice time and linemates was very impressive, and he could break out next year, but the only way to tell will be if they give him the shot.

Rating: B+