Final Play Ratings For New Jersey Devils Players

The New Jersey Devils did not fair well this season. How did the rank in terms of grades?
Toronto Maple Leafs v New Jersey Devils
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Curtis Lazar
GP:71 G:7 A:18 PTS:25

Curtis Lazar had a career-high in points, was a positive player on a bad team, and showed up like he wanted to compete each night. He led the entire roster in hits on the season. He is a career fourth-liner but one we're happy to have on the team despite how little there is to say about him.

Rating: A

Nathan Bastian
GP:54 G:5 A:7 PTS:12

Nathan Bastian had an offseason and really only played like the old him for a dozen games at most. They need him to hit a lot more and fire up this roster because it takes a lot to get them going. There is also the issue of his close friend, who is currently gone, and it was probably hard for him to stay focused after that, but next year, they need way more from him.

Rating: D

Chris Tierney
GP:52 G:4 A:8 PTS:12

He had a good run at the end of the season for some games but some people were jumping the gun on thinking he will be apart of this team next year. He didn't do much for most of the season and this team doesn't need a guy who is ok on the bottom of the lineup they need a defender and some toughness.

Rating: D

Kurtis MacDermid
GP:16 G:0 A:1 PTS:1

Kurtis MacDermid was brought in to do one thing: punch people in the face. This team might not be tough, but this guy is, and while having a "goon" on the roster might not be for everyone, the Devils lack of toughness hurts, and he can offset some of that. Hopefully, this team will bring him back because a guy like him in the right situation, such as in Rangers games, will fire up fans and the team.

Rating: B