Final Play Ratings For New Jersey Devils Players

The New Jersey Devils did not fair well this season. How did the rank in terms of grades?
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Luke Hughes
GP:82 G:9 A:38 PTS:47

Luke Hughes can, as advertised and expected, have one of the brightest futures in the league. The guy's offensive ability is incredible for his age, and he has defensive shortcomings that will improve with age. The biggest thing he really needs to work on is not just playing catch with Jack, and the drop pass almost never works, but even with those problems, he is a positive player who can skate like the wind and has a very high offensive IQ. The season also would probably have gone better if the team didn't have to throw him to the olves thanks to Dougie's injury and other players playing so badly. Next season, expect him to get some easier matchups and thrive.

Rating: A

John Marino
GP:75 G:4 A:21 PTS:25

John Marino put up some points, but he fell off a cliff defensively this season without Graves. He pinched way too much at awful times, played soft, and left the net open like his defensive IQ was cut in half. Next season will be a big one because he went from a top shutdown guy to a middle-of-the-lineup guy. I hope he can play in the middle of the lineup and not drag it down this season.

Rating: D

Simon Nemec
GP:60 G:3 A:16 PTS:19

Simon Nemec did not have the flashy season some people might want from a guy drafted 2nd overall, but he was the Devils best defenseman this season. He has the offensive talent and ability, but his IQ and positioning set him ahead at his age. Like Luke Hughes, he was also absolutely thrown to the wolves because of injuries and the team's inability to win, but he finished as a positive defender in most analytics. He is not a guy this team should be trading, even for a goalie, and he could be the team's number-one defender in a couple of years.

Rating: A+

Jonas Siegenthaler
GP:57 G:1 A:8 PTS:9

Jonas Siegenthaler was a very solid defender last season and complimented the offensive side of Hamilton well. This season, he couldn't replicate that with anyone and brought nothing to the Devils. He puts up no points, doesn't hit anyone, and did no defending, especially in front of the Devils net this season. He needs a massive bounce back or this guy will not be here regardless of his contract length.

Rating: F