How should New Jersey Devils approach NHL Draft and NHL goaltenders?

There is much speculation about what the New Jersey Devils will do with the 10th-overall pick. Rumors have directly stated the Devils could be giving that pick up for a goaltender.
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Well, it is that time of year again. The New Jersey Devils have another rather high pick in the NHL Draft after a disappointing season. That certainly does not mean they intend to use it. Rumors are swirling about what the Devils might do with the pick, but the most prevalent rumor is one that involves them moving it for a goalie.

There are four goalies who have been at least mentioned as Devils targets so we are going to circle back to those and with what teams could be thinking about the trade and potential value.

1. Jusse Saros

Juuse Saros is an absolute monster. Any trade proposal would have to blow the other teams away for it to be made. It is for that reason that this is by far the least likely guy to be involved in a trade while simultaneously being the one the Devils should prioritize.

He just turned 29 and is absolutely an elite top-five goalie in the league despite being on a mid-team. This past season was the first time he was not above a .910 save percentage. If this Devils team got that, they would be a legitimate threat in the playoffs, and the rest of the league should be scared to see them get a defender and a proper system.

That being said however 10OA for Jusse Saros is a quick decline from the Predators who would have teams lining up for him and who are trying to win now with an aging core so they would want a piece to win now likely which is why it wont work for Jersey. The Devils core is set, neither of the two young defenders are going anywhere for anyone so the best this team could throw out at them is probably the 10th pick, Mercer and Casey. A very good offer but one that helps more in the future and there are other teams who could give them the big forward the franchise have never had right now like Tkatchuk or Marner so this trade is a pipe dream for the Devils.