How should New Jersey Devils approach NHL Draft and NHL goaltenders?

There is much speculation about what the New Jersey Devils will do with the 10th-overall pick. Rumors have directly stated the Devils could be giving that pick up for a goaltender.
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3. John Gibson

Anaheim is going to make some moves and i'm sure they will be talking about Gibson but also I think he has no buisness being discussed for the 10th but for a later pick it would be interesting. It is, however, very risky with his 6.4 cap hit for four more years and the fact that he has been a declining asset on a very bad team. What makes this most interesting is that Zegras is going to be moved, and the Devils love USA hockey players, and he is Hughes's friend.

While that is not how most would build a hockey team, the franchise has shown they will make choices this way in bringing every Swiss player they can to Jersey, taking Hughes brother(though it was the right pick) and the fact that there is so much said about Tkachuk being close with the GM. This doesn't make much sense the move would make for either team, and the Devils would have to add, but it is not as far-fetched as some will say since it fills two holes but at the same time makes the team smaller upfront.

4. Linus Ullmark

There is only one year left on his deal, so the team would need an extension ready, but he has been good for a long time and is far younger than other options. Five straight seasons above .915 and a career-low of .905 shows a lot of consistency, and the only reason he didn't get more love before the last few years was Buffalo being terrible and then him splitting with Swayman.

That being said, people will be gunning for him since there are not many actually available starter goalies, so there will be competition. This is the guy though and as the draft gets closer the Bruins should see the value in selecting high for the first time in a longtime and even if they wanted more of a now asset there is no reason a guy picked that high couldn't be flipped for something big at the deadline when they go for the cup yet again.