New Jersey Devils 2024 NHL Draft Profile 1.0 features one of the best playmakers in the class

Trading the 10th overall pick is something the New Jersey Devils should seriously consider, or they can draft an entertaining forward.
2024 Kubota CHL Top Prospects Game
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What is Berkly Catton’s greatest attribute?

If you’re a fan who likes skaters who pull off highlight-reel plays on a regular basis, you may call the overall entertainment value Berkly Catton’s greatest attribute. But how is he able to create and finish such plays so routinely and have a points-per-game output in the same realm as Connor Bedard, Sam Reinhart, and Seth Jarvis had during their respective junior hockey stints, to name a few?

It all starts with the skating, and both his acceleration and top speed are among the best in the 2024 class. Combine that top-end speed with the ability to catch a tape-to-tape pass in full stride and to deke his way toward a surefire goal, and it’s the overall methodical coordination that makes Catton such a fun player to watch. 

So if we’re talking about Catton’s greatest attribute, it’s his ability to catch the puck, make others miss with high-end skating and edgework, and know exactly how to fake out opponents and the goaltender to score all in one coordinated sequence, leaving nobody to disrupt his play. Often, I’ll pick out one trait for a player, like their skating, and show you why they’re so dynamic in that one attribute. 

But with Catton, it’s different, because he’s such an elite playmaker; given his ability to make every aspect of his offensive game look natural, he’s one who you can’t single out just one attribute. Now, let’s talk about more upside regarding Catton and why he’s a likely top-10 pick come June 28th.