New Jersey Devils 2024 NHL Draft Profile 1.0 features one of the best playmakers in the class

Trading the 10th overall pick is something the New Jersey Devils should seriously consider, or they can draft an entertaining forward.
2024 Kubota CHL Top Prospects Game
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Other solid aspects of Berkly Catton’s game

While he’s a fast skater with excellent edgework, Catton often won’t break away from opponents. But he can gain at least a step on them, which allows him just enough space to create chances for himself and others. Overall, his skating is upper echelon, but it still has some maturing, which is scary when you think about the fact he can already hit an outstanding top-end pace. 

It’s easy to assume that when a prospect enters the draft after scoring 54 goals, he’s probably an outstanding shooter. And you don’t need to watch Catton’s film for too long before you realize that’s definitely the case, as he can drag a puck long enough until he freezes a goaltender before firing it top-shelf, and it will land somewhere in the back of the net. 

But Catton isn’t just a pure scorer as the video from NHL Draft Pros points out, and that forces opponents and goaltenders to account for the possibility that he will pass the puck. All he needs is a quick deke or one small motion to look like he’s passing to throw opponents off, and he’s got an open shooting lane. And if they don’t bite, he’ll pass it to someone else and he’ll be more than fine with the assist. 

Oh, and speaking passing, Catton is one of those players who can control the speed of a sequence, slowing opponents enough to where he can find an open teammate skating near or at top speed to the outside and hitting them with a pass while they’re in full stride. And it doesn’t matter how many opponents surround him; he’s luring them in and making them pay when that open teammate has a one-on-one chance against the opposing goaltender.