New Jersey Devils 2024 NHL Draft Profile 1.0 features one of the best playmakers in the class

Trading the 10th overall pick is something the New Jersey Devils should seriously consider, or they can draft an entertaining forward.
2024 Kubota CHL Top Prospects Game
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Processing the game well has worked in Berkly Catton’s favor

Regardless of the sport, whether it’s hockey, soccer, football, or basketball, players who always know where to go with the puck (or the ball) have that uncanny ability to quickly process the game. It’s a trait Berkly Catton already has, and it allows him to trust his teammate enough to pass the puck to where they’re supposed to be, so when that player looks up, the puck is already near if not already glued to their stick. 

And it matters little if his team’s deep in the offensive zone or if they’re in transition. Catton knows where opponents will be, he knows where his teammates will be, he knows when to pass, and whether it needs to be a hard pass or a touch pass. It’s almost like he’s playing a half-second to a second faster than his opposition, and it’s the sign of a highly intelligent player. 

Catton also uses his high hockey IQ to create pressure, knowing when a pass is coming from an opponent and either disrupting the play or stealing the puck in the process. Then he’ll log another helper shortly thereafter, meaning he displays some sound defense. Further, if it means passing through traffic after stealing a puck to make something happen, Catton’s completely fine with it.