New Jersey Devils: 3 Changes To Save The Season

The New Jersey Devils lost to the Montreal Canadiens on Wednesday night, another unacceptable loss. How can the Devils officially turn it around and save this season?

Montreal Canadiens v New Jersey Devils
Montreal Canadiens v New Jersey Devils / Bruce Bennett/GettyImages
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2. A Change In Philosophy

Anyone who's watched this team play knows there is an issue with how it handles the puck. The cross-ice passes in the defensive zone are insane. The way they try to enter the offensive zone, then make a pass to a player on the boards that's at a dead stop so the play can develop. Other teams know this and attack the player with the puck. The one that needs an immediate change is sitting in the defensive zone, asking the player with the puck to sit there and wait so a change can be made or a breakout to develop. How many times has that backfired, and a turnover happens in the most mind-boggling way?

The Devils are making the same mistake over and over. One has to attribute this to coaching/philosophy. We didn't even mention how often there are two or three players behind the red line when a goal is scored. The same mistake is leading to goals over and over again. The coaches have to change what they are doing, or someone else has to come in and do it.

This coaching staff should be able to get the players to change their mindset despite it being this late into the season. There are so many players in and out of the lineup anyway with the injuries. This gives the Devils a chance to make adjustments to what they are doing.