New Jersey Devils: 3 Changes To Save The Season

The New Jersey Devils lost to the Montreal Canadiens on Wednesday night, another unacceptable loss. How can the Devils officially turn it around and save this season?
Montreal Canadiens v New Jersey Devils
Montreal Canadiens v New Jersey Devils / Bruce Bennett/GettyImages
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3. Move For A Defenseman

While goaltending is obviously not great, the defense has been pretty bad, too. On paper, it hasn't been that bad. They've allowed 380 high-danger chances at 5v5. That's middle of the pack amongst all defenses. The Rangers have allowed 400, and they are at the top of the standings. However, the Devils have allowed 63 high-danger goals, giving them the worst high-danger save percentage in the league. Obviously, that's not on Daws, who had the best HDSV% in the league prior to Wednesday night's game.

The Devils aren't just giving up any kind of high-danger chance. The chances they are giving up are extremely dangerous. They aren't just shots from the slot. They are unguarded shots from right in front of the net. There are always players who can sneak in front and get a prime chance. It doesn't even have to be on the power play. Teams can dominate in the zone.

Speaking of which, the Devils are also terrible at exiting the zone. We mentioned their weird philosophy of holding onto the puck too long until an opposing player attacks, which often leads to a turnover. They also have trouble with simple clearing attempts. Way too often the defenseman is allowed to keep the zone thanks to a weak attempt.

Adding a defensive-minded defenseman with good puck movement would change this team entirely. With Dougie Hamilton and Jonas Siegenthaler injured, the cap implications won't really matter. Just make the move and deal with the repercussions later.