New Jersey Devils: 3 Goalies On Trade Market To Target Right Now

The New Jersey Devils should consider adding a goaltender as soon as they can. Who on the trade market makes the most sense?

Calgary Flames v New Jersey Devils
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John Gibson is someone that the New Jersey Devils may want

The New Jersey Devils are a top team looking for league-average goaltending. Elite goaltending would be nice, but it is much harder to come by. They are skilled, fast, and strong enough to win with average goaltending. We know that because they have done a fair amount of winning with straight-up bad goaltending.

We don't know if John Gibson is good anymore, but he is average at worst. On a very bad Anaheim Ducks team, he is sitting with a 3.05 goals-against average and a .901 save percentage. That's obviously not a save percentage anyone should go home about.

If he came to this New Jersey Devils team that is much better than his Anaheim Ducks squad, he'd be much more likely to succeed (hopefully). We've seen him be Vezina caliber in the past. It is something worth trying at this point. Both sides could benefit greatly.

Like Markstrom, he isn't just a rental, either. He has three more seasons left after this one. At 30 years old and the spot the Devils are in with their roster, it could work. The only issue is with this contract and the assets the Ducks will ask for, it HAS to work.