New Jersey Devils: 3 Players Who Must Take Charge In Stadium Series Game

The New Jersey Devils are taking on the Philadelphia Flyers in the first game of the Stadium Series at MetLife Stadium. In a huge game for the standings, who needs to step up to produce a Devils win?
Vegas Golden Knights v New Jersey Devils
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Timo Meier 

Another Devil that has a lot of pressure on him is Timo Meier. Meier is currently in a down year where he has only 10 points. He's looked invisible most of the year, and for what he's only done during the year? Well, he scored a GW OT goal vs the Blue Jackets. Yeah, that's not getting it done for a guy that got an extension in the offseason.

After the trade last year, the excuse for him not having an excellent 2nd half was that he only knew his teammates for a few months, but here, with a lot of the depth out, there should be no reason why he can't step up! He needs a particular game, and luckily, this is just the game for him. While he may not have any experience playing in an outdoor game, this is just as good a time to get a taste for it and show that he can step up and be a leader for the team while depth returns.

Jesper Bratt

Now, onto a guy who's been an upside for the team ever since the team's central depth went down. Bratt has been playing good hockey this year, scoring 50 points, first on the Devils. He's perhaps been the main reason the team isn't in last place. Bratt's great play earned him an All-Star appearance this year on Team Hughes.

While the team depth is returning slowly, this would be a good time for Bratt to continue his pace as the Devils scoring leader in the Stadium Series game. Like Meier, he doesn't have experience in outdoor games. However, that doesn't mean Bratt can't have a solid game. If he can somehow score a goal or two in the game, it would showcase he can be a future leader for the team.