New Jersey Devils: 3 Under-The-Radar Defensive Trade Targets

With injuries to Dougie Hamilton and Jonas Siegenthaler, the New Jersey Devils are short on defense. Here are three potential trade targets to fill the void that you may not have considered.

New Jersey Devils v Seattle Kraken
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Nick Seeler, Philadelphia Flyers

A trade between the Devils and Flyers would mark just the fourth time the two teams have ever done a deal together. A trade for Nick Seeler might be unlikely, but he is the perfect type of defenseman that can give you tough minutes with Siegenthaler out.

What makes Seeler so attractive is his contract. He is on an expiring deal and makes just $775,000. It is an easily tradable contract that requires Fitzgerald to not have to do any cap gymnastics to make it work.

The 30-year-old won't add much offense (just seven points in 40 games) but kills penalties and can give you top-four minutes. Seeler had stops in Minnesota and Chicago before coming over to Philadelphia, where he's found a home as the number four defenseman. His underlying numbers at 5v5 and on the PK have been solid and are better than the Kevin Bahls and Brendan Smiths of the world. Again, where the issue lies is with trying to do a deal with the Flyers. They have overachieved and are in a playoff spot. They likely won't be too inclined to help out a rival chasing them in the standings. The player may not justify the price, but it would certainly be worth a look.