New Jersey Devils 5 biggest internal contract decisions this offseason

The New Jersey Devils have a boatload on their agenda this offseason, with head coach and goalie still at the top of the list. However, the Devils have plenty of internal decisions they still need to make.
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2. Luke Hughes

Luke Hughes is coming off a decent rookie season. While he did finish third in the Calder Trophy race (yes, we’re realistic about this), he slightly disappointed in some aspects. Still, the Devils know exactly what they have in Hughes. He’s going to be a star, and we see it in the displays of insanity he showed at the IIHF World Championships tournament this week. 

Hughes is signed to his entry-level contract next season, but the Devils have been trying to get themselves set up for the future. They jumped the gun with Jack Hughes, giving him an eight-year contract worth $8 million before they absolutely had to. We expect the same with the youngest Hughes brother. 

If the Devils can get Hughes signed for a decent extension, then it could set the Devils up for the next five years or more. Luke Hughes hasn’t earned an $8 million extension, but maybe the Devils are going to try to predict future earnings? 

While this isn’t a necessary situation, it’s something the Devils will discuss. Tom Fitzgerald will see if Hughes is ready to commit long-term. He might opt to sign a five-year contract so his contract coincides with his brother’s, but that might be something Fitzgerald avoids at all costs. That would walk Luke Hughes to unrestricted free agency without buying enough UFA years.