New Jersey Devils: 5 Potential Jonas Siegenthaler Replacements

The New Jersey Devils announced that Jonas Siegenthaler is going to be out for a while after suffering a broken foot. How can the Devils replace him now?
Vancouver Canucks v New Jersey Devils
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#1. Noah Hanifin, Calgary Flames

Shoot for the stars, aim for the moon, right? Calgary Flames defenseman Noah Hanifin is the crown jewel of the defense market right now, and there's no doubt that Hanifin would fit the Devils like a glove should he arrive in New Jersey. Not only would Hanifin temporarily fill in for Siegenthaler, but he would also provide the Devils with a permanent piece on their blue line.

Turning 27 in a few weeks, Hanifin's priority may shift towards winning now that he is entering his prime years as an NHLer. After missing the playoffs last year, the 26-year-old is looking at another postseason on the couch should he remain in Calgary. His hometown Boston Bruins have also been said to be in hot pursuit of his services, but they have minimal assets to pull off such a daring trade. The Devils, on the other hand, have that luxury. And, they may be willing to part ways with some if they know they're getting a guy on the long-term, similar to Timo Meier.

The one caveat is that the Devils must be confident that Hughes, Siegenthaler, and Hanifin are, for sure, their three guys on the left side of the defense for years to come. If not, they should avoid any deal like the plague. Remember, the Stanley Cup doesn't necessarily have to be won this year. This is a slow burn for a young Devils team, and they need to ensure that it will stay that way for multiple opportunities to win championships together.