New Jersey Devils: Can Hughes Brothers Sweep Hart, Norris, and Calder Trophies?

The New Jersey Devils took the first matchup of the Hughes Cup where Jack, Luke, and Quinn Hughes all played. As we saw their skills up close, can Jack Hughes win the Hart Trophy, Quinn Hughes win the Norris Trophy, and Luke Hughes win the Calder Trophy?

New Jersey Devils v Vancouver Canucks
New Jersey Devils v Vancouver Canucks / Derek Cain/GettyImages

The New Jersey Devils won an instant classic against the Vancouver Canucks on Tuesday night. Jack Hughes was fantastic, as he always is against the Canucks. His three-point effort continues his insane season, which has him in the Hart Trophy conversation. His brother Luke Hughes had himself a goal, too. That gives him 15 points on the season, tied for second in rookie scoring behind Connor Bedard. While the league will want to give Bedard the award, Hughes might make it hard since he's actually good on both sides of the puck.

Then there's Quinn Hughes. He might be the closest of the three Hughes brothers to award consideration. Right now, it seems like a two-person race for the Norris Trophy. He's going up against Cale Makar of the Colorado Avalanche. Both Makar and Hughes might be going up against Jack Hughes in the MVP conversation. For now, let's focus on the Norris case.

Quinn Hughes has 36 points, more than any other defenseman in the league. He has nine goals, eight of which have come at even strength. He showed his impact on Tuesday night, playing his team back into the game almost by himself. His team is scoring at an amazing clip when it comes to high-danger chances. He's been on the ice for 17 high-danger goals while the other team only has nine such goals while he's been out there.

Quinn Hughes will be in the Norris race as long as he stays healthy. The Canucks are not the hot team they were at the beginning of the season, but they should be in the playoff picture for most of the season. There's a lot going on here, with Elias Pettersson playing well and Brock Boeser still a top scorer in the league, but Quinn Hughes is what carries them to wins.

The Devils duo has a pretty good hold on their respective awards. Luke Hughes is up against Bedard as his most likely competition, but he's not the only one. Marco Rossi has been really good, but a bad Minnesota Wild team makes it more difficult. Logan Cooley and Leo Carlson are both playing well. However, they trail Luke Hughes in points. It seems like it's a two-man race.

Then, there's Jack Hughes and the Hart. It seemed like his injury would make it impossible to win the award, but he's played very well since returning from his shoulder injury. He has now scored a goal in four-straight games, and he's on a five-game point streak. Ironically, it started when Nico Hischier returned to the lineup. With two superstar centers, Hughes is able to avoid the top defenses all the time.

Right now, Hughes is on pace to score 140 points even with the injury. He's basically scoring at the same pace that Connor McDavid was scoring at last season. If Hughes leads the league in points, it won't matter that he missed some games. He will likely win or come very close to the MVP. Obviously, the Devils need to make the postseason, but that's semantics for the award.

Hughes hasn't even hit his stride yet. He's shooting 11.5 percent. That should go up to closer to what it was last season when he shot 12.8 percent. If he shot that this season, he'd have another goal. We expect that shooting percentage to get him closer to another 30-goal season.

To answer the question, yes, all three Hughes brothers can win awards. In fact, some voters might lean towards that just for the narrative. It's going to be a fun season. All we need to see is three healthy Hugheses and we'll be looking at three awards nominations.

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