New Jersey Devils Day 1 free agency targets

The New Jersey Devils are looking to be very active in NHL Free Agency this season. Who might they sign on July 1st?
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Sam Reinhart
Gp:82 G-57 A-37 PTS-94

Since this is the big free agent, it is something to address, but it likely won't happen. He likely won't want to leave Florida and will resign for $9 million there, and if he doesn't, someone else will have made an insane $11 million offer, and that should not be the Devils.

He is a fantastic goal scorer and player, but like Mantha, he shot at 24.5% this season, which is absolutely insane, and will regress way closer to his already high average of 15.6%. He is a very good player, but paying a guy eight figures who will go back to a solid 35 goals is not a great deal unless the cap looks to be hitting $100 million soon.

Viktor Arvidsson
Gp: 18 G: 6 A: 9 PTS: 15

An injury-shortened season for him again, but over the last three seasons, he has consistently put up points in 3/4 of his games and could be a very good steal of a contract. He is small, and even though he does not play his size, that should be a factor for the Devils, who are a little desperate in that area. However, with a bigger defense, this might be a good secondary option for them.