New Jersey Devils End of the Season Report Cards: Forwards

The New Jersey Devils missed the playoffs and finished the season with a 38-39-5 record. Let's check in and grade the Devils forwards after a disappointing season.
New Jersey Devils v Seattle Kraken
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Nathan Bastian (GP 54 - 5G - 7A - 12P)

Bastian has cemented himself as purely a fourth-liner and good-vibes guy. His production was about on track for what it usually is, and he might've even had a chance to put up career highs had it not been for a Matt Rempe hit to the head. With his "super buddy" no longer on the team and a possible shake-up to the fourth line, it remains to be seen if Bastian will be a part of the Devils moving forward or if they cut bait with him this offseason.

Grade: C-

Chris Tierney (GP 52 - 4G - 8A - 12P)

Chris Tierney did well enough to start the season as the Devils extra forward and through sheer volume of injuries found himself in the lineup more often than not. Unfortunately, Tierney brought very little to the team other than a handful of goals and a cool nickname (Cobra). He'll end up as a one-and-done with the Devils and will go into the pantheon of players that make you say to yourself "Oh yeah, I forgot he was on the Devils".

Grade: D+

Tomas Nosek (GP 36 - 2G - 4A - 6P)

Speaking of "Oh yeah, I forgot he was on the Devils," Tomas Nosek found his way into the Devils lineup 36 times this season. An early season foot injury derailed what could have been a useful faceoff taker/penalty killer, and once he came back into the lineup, it was easy to see his skating was shot. He managed to win 52% of his faceoffs, which was a plus, but outside of that, he provided next to nothing. There's a chance Nosek may have played his last NHL games and heads over to Europe.

Grade: D