New Jersey Devils full seven-round mock NHL Draft

The New Jersey Devils have made trades that impacted multiple picks in the 2024 NHL Draft, but they still have the 10th-overall pick and five others. Who would make the most sense on this roster?
2023 Upper Deck NHL Draft - Rounds 2-7
2023 Upper Deck NHL Draft - Rounds 2-7 / Jeff Vinnick/GettyImages
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Vojtech Hradec. player. Vojtech Hradec. 171. . . Sixth Round. Mlada Boleslav BK. Devils. 85

Honestly, this one would be really fun. Obviously, the Devils are playing in Czechia this season to start the year. Being able to showcase their draft pick during their trip would be fun, and Vojtech Hradec could be that guy. It makes so much sense to draft him here with the Devils last pick. He saw his stock fall this year, which is an interesting target. However, it seems to be solely because of injury. If he can stay healthy, we should see a normal development path this season in Czechia. 

He’s another big forward with a nonstop motor that wins puck battles and makes plays with the puck. He’s been playing in the adult league and scored his first goal for Mlada Boleslav BK this past season. We often see pedestrian numbers from players in European leagues, and he’s no different, but he has a skillset that could eventually grow.

At 6’4 and over 200 lbs, his size will always get the attention of Tom Fitzgerald. Hopefully, this ends up being a fit. 

As we look on these six picks, there is a lot of risk here, but that’s where the Devils are. They can take these risks for players with high ceilings and decent size. It’s not necessarily Fitzgerald drafting for need, but he looks for players that can make the NHL.