New Jersey Devils: Mid-season Reviews

The New Jersey Devils season has not gone as planned. How do the players grade out individually?
Jan 19, 2024; Columbus, Ohio, USA; New Jersey Devils defenseman John Marino (6) celebrates his goal
Jan 19, 2024; Columbus, Ohio, USA; New Jersey Devils defenseman John Marino (6) celebrates his goal / Russell LaBounty-USA TODAY Sports
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Nico Hischier
GP: 32 G: 12 A: 12 PTS: 24
Mid Season Rating: B

Captain Nico Hischier has not been himself for much of the season offensively, but he has not slacked on the backcheck, which still makes him an important piece. If he didn't get injured, he would be looking at a 62-point season, which is a disappointing drop from last year, but he has been banged up a lot. On top of this, it is also worth pointing out that Hischier has an 18.2% shooting percentage, which will very likely be regressing to a more normal 12% at some point, which could make his goal and point numbers drop even lower in the second half.

Timo Meier
GP: 30 G: 9 A: 7 PTS: 16
Mid Season Rating: D

Timo Meier's season has been way more down than up. In the 30 games he has played, he has probably been a good player in 5 of them. Don't rage on the guy too badly, however, since he was injured, but when you are skating so slow, Milan Lucic could do circles around you, it is time to sit. While almost no player wants to sit, they want to help the team, the way to help the team is to get healthy. The coaches and training staff should be taking a lot more heat from fans for making the poor guy suffer on the ice because his play this season versus his time as a Shark is not even on the same scale let alone level. Ever since he returned from his needed time off, he has looked better, though, and is using his body and aggression, so I still have high hopes that Timo can have a strong second half and perhaps playoffs. That being said, close to $9 million for a 24-goal 43-point pace is an awful start to an eight-year contract, but only time will tell how it goes.

Dawson Mercer
GP: 43 G: 13 A: 9 PTS: 22
Mid Season Rating: C+

Dawson Mercer has been a frustrating player this year and has regressed in his on-ice play despite the numbers not being as bad as one would guess just by watching him. The biggest thing for him is he needs to show up every night like he did before this season and not take shifts or games off.