New Jersey Devils: Mid-season Reviews

The New Jersey Devils season has not gone as planned. How do the players grade out individually?

Jan 19, 2024; Columbus, Ohio, USA; New Jersey Devils defenseman John Marino (6) celebrates his goal
Jan 19, 2024; Columbus, Ohio, USA; New Jersey Devils defenseman John Marino (6) celebrates his goal / Russell LaBounty-USA TODAY Sports
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Erik Haula
GP: 38 G: 10 A: 12 PTS: 22
Mid Season Rating: B

Erik Haula has quietly played his game this year for the most part. There might not be much to say on that, but it is a good thing for a guy in the middle or bottom half of the lineup. He is chipping in with a little bit of physical play, kills penalties, shows up nightly, and could still rack up half a point a game and 20 goals.

Michael McLeod
GP: 43 G: 10 A: 9 PTS: 19
Mid Season Rating: A+

Mikey McLeod had a career-high of nine goals and 26 points coming into the season, has already beaten the goal total, and could potentially fly past his point total. He is playing great defense like always, is physical, can play anywhere in the lineup and not look out of place, and is on pace to be quite literally the best faceoff man in NHL history this season. Not a lot more needs to be said about the heart and soul guy who quickly has become not only a fan favorite but actually a very big part of this team.

Alexander Holtz
GP: 43 G: 12 A: 10 PTS: 22
Mid Season Rating: A

Alex Holtz had produced a ton despite limited ice time and, for some reason, limited trust from Lindy Ruff. He earned himself a top-six spot for a good chunk of the season with all the injuries, and despite that, he has been limited to being on the third and fourth line, playing an average of 12 minutes a night. He is still on pace for a 20-goal season and being a half-a-point-a-game guy, which is insanely impressive. Hopefully, they give him a real shot at some point and a stretch of 14-15 minutes a night because his shot and skating are improving by the day, and this kid will be legit if you let him.