New Jersey Devils: Perfect Band Chosen For Stadium Series Intermission

It's not often that the NHL picks the perfect band at the perfect time during these outdoor game events, but the most-recent announcement is hitting a nail on the head.

The Gaslight Anthem In Concert
The Gaslight Anthem In Concert / Taylor Hill/GettyImages

The NHL Stadium Series is about a week away, and the festivities are coming together. We know the jerseys the New Jersey Devils will wear, as well as their opponent, the Philadelphia Flyers. The puck will drop at 8 p.m. on Saturday, February 17 at MetLife Stadium, home of the "New York" Giants and Jets. It will be a huge game for the Devils and Flyers as they try to establish themselves as playoff contenders ahead of the trade deadline.

We learned in December that New Jersey natives the Jonas Brothers will perform a pre-game concern for fans (something we predicted might happen). The Jo Bros were met with a mixed reception. Some understand the NHL has been trying to move further away from bands that were cool in Gary Bettman's prime, but some admit this might not be the right audience.

Either way, it's clear the NHL got a desirable band to play the intermission. This is one that all New Jersey Devils fans should get behind.

The Gaslight Anthem will be playing during the first intermission of the Devils-Flyers game. For those who may not recognize them, the band claims New Brunswick as its home and are avid Devils fans. Of course, fans know them most for the song "Howl," which is the Devils goal song. So, obviously Gaslight Anthem will play the song during the intermission concert, but it's even better than that.

The Devils announced that The Gaslight Anthem will be on standby all game and will play Howl live after every Devils goal. USA Today recently ranked the Devils goal song as one of the best in the league, and we happen to agree!

While it took some time to put together, the Stadium Series experience is looking like an all timer. The Devils don't get many outdoor game experiences, but every time it happens, it's unforgettable. And, at least this time their home game is actually in New Jersey, no matter what the NFL says.