5 New Jersey Devils players who won’t return next season

The New Jersey Devils need some retooling, given their lack of success in 2023-24. That said, quite a few players won’t return in 2024-25.

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Tyler Toffoli isn’t coming back to New Jersey

Tyler Toffoli may be a journeyman, but the 31-year-old has been one of the NHL’s most productive, and that was no different during his time with the Devils. Before Tom Fitzgerald traded him to the Jets, Toffoli registered 44 points and 26 goals in 61 games, adjusted to 59 points and 35 goals over 82 matchups. 

He was definitely one of the Devils most productive players, and at the time of this writing, Toffoli remains the team’s fifth-leading scorer, even if he’s been in Winnipeg for going on three weeks. That’s rather impressive and it proves just how much value he’s given to New Jersey this season. But it doesn’t mean they need to, nor should they, bring him back. 

Age is one factor, and a younger team like the Devils must develop and target younger talent that will fit in well with the team's core long-term. Toffoli, despite his production in New Jersey this season, doesn’t do that. 

He was a great stopgap in Newark, but look for Toffoli to either become more than just a rental in Winnipeg, or to sign with an older, more experienced team in the 2024 offseason so he can continue to be part of some serious Stanley Cup runs. 

Not that such a run isn’t in New Jersey’s future, but this season’s step back may signify they are another season or two away from going deep into the postseason. 


(Statistics provided by Hockey-Reference as of March 29th)