New Jersey Devils: Who Could Be In The Ring Of Honor Next

The recent induction of Sergei Brylin into the New Jersey Devils Ring of Honor creates an opportunity for under-appreciated players and personnel of the past to finally get recognition.

Dallas Stars v New Jersey Devils
Dallas Stars v New Jersey Devils / Bruce Bennett/GettyImages
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The clock struck zeros on the jumbotron and boos poured down from all those who were gluttons for punishment. The New Jersey Devils got trounced 6-2 by the Dallas Stars on Saturday night. Now, the sky seems to be falling in Newark. However, the night didn't start this way. The night started with celebrating one of the most under-appreciated and beloved Devils, Sergei Brylin.

Brylin, better known as "Sarge," is just the second member inducted into the team's Ring of Honor. Seven years ago, Dr. John J. McMullen, the man responsible for bringing the club to New Jersey, was the inaugural member. After being put on ice for six years until this past weekend, the Ring of Honor is a great way to immortalize some Devils greats who don't necessarily deserve a jersey retirement.

Despite just 41 years of existence, the Devils have a long and rich history. Throughout those years, many players, coaches, and management played a hand in winning three Stanley Cups. If the organization decides to add more people to the Ring of Honor, there are plenty of worthy options.

Lou Lamoriello

Despite him still chugging along as the GM for the New York Islanders, Lou Lamoriello will forever be a Devil—the man who orchestrated it all and brought all three Stanley Cups to the Garden State. The list of achievements that he accomplished since being named team president and general manager back in 1987 is as long as a CVS receipt. While it was dicey at the tail end of his tenure, Lamoriello's drafting and roster construction were second to none and are why he is regarded as one of the greatest team builders in NHL history. It remains to be seen how much longer the 81-year-old decides to keep working, but the moment he retires, he should begin writing his Devils Ring of Honor speech.