New Jersey Devils: Who Could Be In The Ring Of Honor Next

The recent induction of Sergei Brylin into the New Jersey Devils Ring of Honor creates an opportunity for under-appreciated players and personnel of the past to finally get recognition.
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Glenn "Chico" Resch

There may not be a player more beloved by the Devils fans and organization than Glenn Resch. "Chico" as he's better known, had an eight-year run with the New York Islanders before coming over to the then Colorado Rockies. However, Resch stayed with the team during their relocation to New Jersey and became one of the main faces on terrible teams. While his time with the team wasn't particularly pretty, his career as the Devils color commentator endeared him to the fans. Chico was the right-hand man to legendary commentator Doc Emrick, and the two of them brought their humor and insight into the fan's living rooms for years. Whether it was Chico Eats or his banter with Doc, Chico always found a way to make the games exciting to watch. After a brief retirement, he now brings his boisterous personality to the Devils radio broadcast. Chico's impact on Devils fans spans decades, and while his time as a player might not make him an ideal Ring of Honor candidate, his work on the broadcast spans generations. And for that, Chico deserves to be recognized.

Jason Arnott

His time as a Devil was relatively short-lived, but there's no bigger moment in franchise history than Jason Arnott's Stanley Cup-clinching goal in 2000. In his 364 games as a New Jersey Devil, Arnott scored 245 points across six seasons. In his four postseason appearances with the team, he scored 41 points in 58 games. Arnott was a great player for the Devils during his time here, but there is no sugarcoating that a Ring of Honor induction would be because of that goal. Even if that's the case, there's nothing wrong with that. You can't write the story of the New Jersey Devils without Jason Arnott and the 2000 Stanley Cup. While yes there are more deserving players, that single-goal stands as the biggest in franchise history.