New Jersey Devils Trade Targets: Who Could Be This Summer's Tyler Toffoli?

The New Jersey Devils added a 30-goal scorer in Tyler Toffoli last summer. It didn't work out. However, the process by Tom Fitzgerald was the right one and he should look to do the same this summer and add another top-six forward to the team.
St Louis Blues v New Jersey Devils
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The playoffs continue to rage on but for the New Jersey Devils, the offseason is in full swing. Just a year ago the team and fans were riding the high of kicking the New York Rangers out of the playoffs. Now, they're looking for a new head coach and have serious questions about the roster.

Also, a little less than a year ago, the team traded for forward Tyler Toffoli. The move came as a little bit of a surprise, but adding a 30-goal scorer to a playoff team had the Devils poised for big things.

Unfortunately, just about everything that could've gone wrong did. The Devils tanked and Toffoli was traded. That being said, the process taken by GM Tom Fitzgerald was a smart one, and something he should look to do again this summer.

The Devils still have plenty of question marks on their roster, including adding another top-six forward. The hope is for Alexander Holtz to take that spot, but that is looking less and less likely as the days go by. So what if Fitzgerald decides to go the trade route yet again to fill the void Toffoli was supposed to?

For this exercise, we're looking at potential trade targets who can fill a top-six role who, similar to Toffoli, have one year left on their contract, are on teams that could feasibly look to move them, and have been in trade rumors in the past.