Our Final Evaluation of Crazy CapFriendly Trades for New Jersey Devils

With news that CapFriendly was going dark after its purchase by the Washington Capitals, we take one last look at the lovely Armchair GM to see some of the wild New Jersey Devils trades being offered.
Toronto Maple Leafs v New Jersey Devils
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CF Trade 34

Another trade involving Dawson Mercer, but this is much, much different. This isn’t turning Mercer into a superstar or using him as the centerpiece of a goalie trade. This is selling low on a 22-year-old with three years of NHL experience. It’s of course coming from a Montreal Canadiens fan. After years of terrible Josh Anderson trade proposals, this one was barely trying. 

It’s two young prospects outside of their personal top five and a second-round pick for a guy who has an insane ceiling. It’s a 22-year-old who has proven his first-round pick was justified. Point Score is a flawed stat, but it still has some value. It shows Mercer as the sixth-best player in the 2020 NHL Draft. 

For that, the Canadiens will give 20-year-old center Owen Beck and 22-year-old defenseman Jayden Struble. They are fine prospects, but they are incredibly flawed themselves. Struble has talent for days, but injuries and a lack of production has his star status falling precipitously. Beck once had a good following, and he still has a chance, but it’s just not enough to move the needle here. 

Mercer is the only thing here that has a long-standing chance to play in the NHL. We kind of like Beck as an eventual Michael McLeod replacement, but that shouldn’t cost the Devils Mercer.