Power Ranking New Jersey Devils Goalie Targets

The New Jersey Devils are reportedly in on multiple goalie trade targets, including John Gibson and Jacob Markstrom. Who should the Devils put at the top of their list?
New Jersey Devils v Calgary Flames
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3. John Gibson
Anaheim Ducks

John Gibson being this low might be a surprise to some, but the risk, along with the immediate cost, is going to be more than anything else on the market. The Ducks are asking for more than the Devils gave up for Timo Meier. They won't walk away without a star asset. A first-round pick is not that. They want something they can build around, and the Devils have that in spades. Unfortunately, because of the assets the Devils have, Ducks GM Pat Verbeek won't let Gibson go without one of those premium assets (Dawson Mercer, Simon Nemec, Seamus Casey, etc.).

Gibson hasn't been great for five years. In his last outing, he gave up seven goals to the Edmonton Oilers. That knocked his save percentage down to a clean .904. That's not great.

However, most of his performances have been really good this season. He's still a great goalie, but it's hidden behind this terrible defense and zero expectations. Can he unlearn all the issues that came with being on a rebuilding team?

Gibson balled out when he played the Devils for two periods in December (he left in the second intermission when it became clear his wife was about to have a baby. That performance in front of the Devils front office and coaching staff might have convinced them, but there are two better options on the table based on the cost and expected performance.