Power Ranking New Jersey Devils Goalie Targets

The New Jersey Devils are reportedly in on multiple goalie trade targets, including John Gibson and Jacob Markstrom. Who should the Devils put at the top of their list?
New Jersey Devils v Calgary Flames
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1. Jacob Markstrom
Calgary Flames

Listen, if the Devils are going to go for this with a full-court press, there are two names on this list that matter (along with the short possibility that Juuse Saros is available) are John Gibson and Jacob Markstrom. These are the "win the Stanley Cup" moves the Devils can make. Gibson has many issues that we've addressed. Markstrom has some as well, mainly his contract and injury history. However, of the options available (of which every single one has flaws), Markstrom is the best.

This is a HUGE risk. Markstrom is 33 years old and still has three years left on a $6 million contract, but he has a track record that speaks for itself. He's had one bad season since he became a regular player with the Vancouver Canucks. Sure, that season was last year, but great goalies like this sometimes put together a stinker.

Markstrom has bounced back this season. His .907 save percentage isn't great, but it's much better than anyone on the Devils. His 2.42 GSAA is 26th in the league. His .861 save percentage on high-danger chances is ninth in the league. If the Devils had Markstrom face all the high-danger shots that Vanecek faced this season, Markstrom would have saved 24 more goals. 24 more goals! Imagine if the Devils had 24 fewer goals scored against them.

The contract is scary. We won't deny that, but Markstrom is the name the Devils should target. He won't cost as much as Gibson, and the Flames might be motivated to make the move since Dustin Wolf is already in the building. If it goes terribly, the buyout on his contract isn't even that bad. After this season, it would cost $3.66 million for two seasons and $1.17 million for two years. If they do it after next season, split those in half.

This is the move. If the Devils are going to trade for a risky goalie, which all the available players are, Markstrom is the calculated risk. He's at least a very good goalie, and the risk is muted with a smaller return than Gibson or some others that might be available.