3 reasons why the New Jersey Devils can still sneak into the NHL playoffs

It’s been beyond a tough year for the New Jersey Devils, but they are not out of the running for a playoff spot thanks to turbulence in the Eastern Conference.

New Jersey Devils v Dallas Stars
New Jersey Devils v Dallas Stars / Sam Hodde/GettyImages
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The Devils have too much talent when they have the puck

While it’s true that the Devils have struggled to score since March 1st and that you can name a multitude of reasons why, we still need to remember that this is a hockey team that has put up 219 goals so far in 67 games, good for 3.26 per contest and 268 across 82 contests. Since the NHL regular season is so long, there will be times even when the highest-scoring teams won’t click offensively, so there should be little concern here, even following a one-goal effort against the Arizona Coyotes.

If you tuned into the Devils big win over the Dallas Stars, it should have renewed your hope somewhat. New Jersey put up six goals on one of the league’s best teams, and this came following a stretch when the Devils scored just 14 goals in their previous six games. 

It was just one game, and again, the loss to Arizona was another story, so there is reason to hold cautious optimism here, but still, 219 goals overall this season ranks 12th in the NHL. And it shows us that, for the most part, the Devils have been consistent in scoring. 

Looking at New Jersey’s remaining schedule, they will need to get consistent once again with putting pucks in the net. For their last 15 games, eight will come against teams who are at least sitting in the wild card.