Reported price for Linus Ullmark is more than the New Jersey Devils would be willing to pay

Reports out of Boston show the Bruins have put a price on Linus Ullmark that is likely more than the New Jersey Devils, or any team really, is willing to pay for one year of his services.
Boston Bruins v New Jersey Devils
Boston Bruins v New Jersey Devils / Bruce Bennett/GettyImages

The New Jersey Devils are going to put the full-court press on the offseason to get a goalie. The search is probably looking at three superstars who are all Vezina-level goalies. Jacob Markstrom, Linus Ullmark, and Juuse Saros were all tied to the Devils at one point or another last season. Heck, there was likely trades in place for one or even two of them. Now that we're close to the official offseason (once the Stanley Cup is awarded), we are getting close to the Devils getting a goalie.

And it seems like it is down to those three players once again. Saros trade price is going to be insanely high. Nashville Predators GM Barry Trotz has been open about that fact. He won't move him unless he is blown away by the return. Even with the history between the Predators and Tom Fitzgerald, it doesn't sound like a discount is coming anytime soon.

The Saros price is expected, but another goalie with a reported price is leaving people stunned. Ullmark is now the number two in Boston, as Jeremy Swayman turned into one of the best goalies in the league. Ullmark is also going into the final year of his free agent deal he signed with the Bruins in 2021. The Devils could have signed Ullmark back then, as he was a free agent, but they opted for Jonathan Bernier instead. One major hip injury, a major setback, and a retirement later, and the Devils are very much regretting that decision (if it was ever in their hands).

Now, as the Devils try to pay the ultimate price to rectify that mistake, it sounds like an arm and a leg won't even get it done.

The Devils don't really have a player that is the equivalent of Jakob Chychrun on the team currently, but it shows the Bruins want NHL-ready talent to fill some holes. Would they accept John Marino or Jonas Siegenthaler in Chychrun's place? They don't have his upside, but they are both younger and signed for longer.

Nah, that won't do it. The Bruins are going to keep asking for Dawson Mercer and the Devils first-round pick. While the Devils are perceived as desperate, this is even beyond the desperation price. Mercer had a down year, but he was fantastic in his first two years. He's never missed a game, which is incredibly rare for this team. They can't trade him PLUS their 10th-overall pick for a goalie on the final year of his deal.

With the prices where they are, it really feels like Markstrom is the guy. His price is going to be right, he has term on his contract, and the risk is minimal for the long term, unlike Ullmark and Saros who both need very expensive extensions to stick around.