Two Trades That Will Push Nashville To Trade Juuse Saros

The New Jersey Devils have needed a star goalie all season long. With Juuse Saros reportedly available, the Devils should be going all in.

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Dawson Trade

Dawson Mercer is a good two-way player that Nashville would love; he can play center or the wing and has put up great numbers in his three seasons with 17 and 27 goals in his first two years and 42 and 56 points in that season, respectively. This season he is on pace for 23 goals and 40 points which is slightly down, but he had a very bad start before coming on lately. His opportunity has been a little limited with how stacked this team's offense is, not to mention that he is not getting much powerplay time here, whereas in Nashville, he would be on that first unit immediately. If Predators fans think he wouldn't be enough as a core piece, just look at how mad Devils fans will be when this is suggested (including by the editor reading this now). It will change your mind.

The other pieces in this are also valuable. Second-round picks shouldn't be overlooked, but Seamus Casey is the real deal on defense, and wherever he goes, he should be a good offensive defender who can quarterback a solid powerplay, perhaps at the perfect time when Roman Josi is almost moving on, and they have already lost Tyson Barrie.

Casey was a draft-day steal for the Devils and has only been better, to the point if I was almost any NHL franchise, I would not move the guy for a first-rounder. This is not a maybe or toss in piece but a big one, almost for sure the Devils best prospect right now with Nemec an NHLer. The only reason he could be included in this is that the Devils will not be able to offer him a spot on this team anytime soon, and as a smaller offensive guy, he does not fit moving forward.

With this deal, the Devils get a guaranteed above-average starter for two years, probably more when he extends since he will want to be on a cup contender. Mercer's spot will leave a hole, but the team's forward depth is also solid, and Holtz should be given more opportunity with the spot open. This is a big win for the team.

Meanwhile, the Predators get a 22-year-old who plays a solid two-way game, has no injury history, can play wherever in the lineup you want, and probably will be their top forward within the next two seasons. They also get an offensive, puck-moving defenseman who will be ready in a year or two that coaches seem to trust in a big way already and whose style the NHL is trending towards, and a second-rounder to do whatever they want with. This is a win for both teams, who are trending in different directions despite being in similar spots in the standings and with very different needs.