New Jersey Devils Fan Spotlight: Alyssa From Pennsylvania


This week we feature Alyssa Romanko, 28, from Morrisville, Pennsylvania in our weekly New Jersey Devils Fan Spotlight feature. Last week we met Alex McClusky, while you can see all of our featured fans here. Our hope for this weekly segment is that our readers get to know the fellow members of their fanbase and also give many of those readers a voice to share their thoughts and experiences. Alyssa is just 5’1″ but she still dominates on the ice as a goalie. Speaking of goalies, she loves goalies. If you’re a hockey goalie, there’s a chance Alyssa is a big fan of yours. She prides herself on being able to name every goalie tandem in the NHL as it is – even with the Jhonas Enroth for Anders Lindback trade?? Perhaps her favorite goalie is former Devil Johan Hedberg and she has a signed #1 jersey with the name “MOOSE” on the back.

Let’s see what Alyssa has to say:

1) What made you become a Devils’ fan?

Ken Daneyko

, of course while wearing her

Cory Schneider

jersey.” width=”350″ height=”350″ /> Alyssa Romanko meets Devil legend Ken Daneyko, of course while wearing her Cory Schneider jersey.

I have always hated the color Orange. No, really. And when I first started watching the Devils with my friends, they had been fans since ’95. I never got into NHL hockey because they didn’t let girls play; that and my whole family is full of Flyers fans. I couldn’t be a fan of a team whose fans feel the need to yell “SKATE!” at them every three seconds.  I didn’t get really into the New Jersey Devils until 2011 when I decided I could like a male goalie. Surprise surprise, it wasn’t Martin Brodeur. I loved Moose. He was just so awesome and accepting of his role as a backup and his play style reminded me of mine.

2) What are your thoughts on the season so far?

We’re terrible, but you know what? I’ll have faith in this team no matter what. So what if we have to rebuild or restructure? We can make it back to the top. We’ve never been a team built around super stars and I like that about us.

3) Who is your favorite current Devil? Favorite former Devil? Why?

Cory Schneider of course! I’ve watched him since he played at Boston College.

Moose or Sarge – Sergei Brylin. Sarge was here before I became a fan but I have read a lot about him and I like him. I love that I can see both of them when I watch Albany (they’re both coaches for the minor league affiliate).

4) What’s your favorite part of attending Devils games? If you haven’t been able to make it out to any games, do you have any plans of doing so in the future? What are you looking forward to?

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I love walking to that arena and feeling like I’m home. As an out of state fan who travels 2 hours just to get to games, it’s awesome to see people who are as crazy about the team as I am. I love going to the Twitter meet-ups and you can always find me at the bottom of section 14, behind Schneider’s net for warmups. It’s like a building full of family for me and I’ll always love watching the team play.

5) What’s the most memorable game you’ve ever been at, or remember watching on television?

Every is going to say “Henrique! It’s over!” and yes, that’s memorable. I broke my bed jumping up and down when he scored. But I remember the draft when we got Cory. That’s my most memorable moment. I looked at my brother about two seconds before the trade was announced and said “they won’t trade!” Am I glad I was wrong. He’s quickly become my favorite Devil.

Here is that trade (video courtesy of CanucksVid). It’s awesome if you haven’t seen it on TV because you were there like many Devils fans as the draft was held in Prudential Center.

We want to thank Alyssa for taking her time to share her experiences with us. As always, if you would like to be featured then don’t hesitate to contact us on Facebook or Twitter (@pitchforkedpuck).