New Jersey Devils Fan Spotlight: Jenn From Bayville


The goal of New Jersey Devils Fan Spotlight is to give our readers a chance to connect with their fellow fans of Jersey’s Team. Devils fans really enjoy getting their chance to share their stories, feelings and experiences and we’re happy to give them the platform to do so. Last week we highlighted Sean from River Vale and you can see all our Fan Spotlight participants here. Today we’re featuring Jenn Murawski, 23, from Bayville, NJ. Jenn is a big sports fan and she loves not only the Devils, but football as well. She’s a diehard Dallas Cowboys and University of Michigan fan – so she’s psyched about Jim Harbaugh that’s for sure. Jenn is currently attending Stockton University studying both history and education.

Let’s hear what Jenn had to share with us about her fandom:

1) What made you become a Devils’ fan?

When I was little, my dad and I used to watch hockey together. It was usually Rangers games, because he is a Rangers fan. He tried for a long while to get me to root for them and, for whatever reason, I just wouldn’t do it. We watched a Devils game one day, I started rooting for the Devils and the rest is history.

2) What are your thoughts on the season so far?

Jenn Murawski takes a photo with former Devil captain Bruce Driver.

Awful and frustrating. How they started this season, I expected so much more from the team, but it was a downward spiral real quick. There are games where they just look absolutely terrible and then there are games where you turn to your fellow Devils fans and go “who is this team and where did they come from?” There is a list of “what ifs” that can run though all of our heads, but of course we’ll never know. There aren’t many games left this season, and I feel the playoffs are a really far long shot. Hopefully, they can get it together in the offseason so we can get back to our winning ways that us fans are used to.

3) Who is your favorite current Devil? Favorite former Devil? Why?

Favorite current Devil? Cory Schneider. Hands down. I won’t even go into talking about his stats (even though they show he is one of the top goalies in the league). Cory comes out and gives the team 110% every time his skates hit the ice.  He stands on his head game after game and bails the team out when they don’t show up for a full 60 minutes of hockey. You know there is still a chance, even against a top of the league team to win with him in net. To me, he is just an all-around great player to watch.

Favorite former Devil? I’m sure he’s not just mine, Martin Brodeur. He was the first Devil I knew and would recognize on TV. When you think of the Devils, he’s one of the first ones that come to mind for most people. I got to watch a legend play in our crease for basically my entire life until the end of last season. He’s earned the right to be anyone’s favorite Devil and goalie.

4) What’s your favorite part of attending Devils games? If you haven’t been able to make it out to any games, do you have any plans of doing so in the future? What are you looking forward to?

My favorite part of attending Devils games is the atmosphere and the feeling of “home” once I step into the arena. You and thousands of other people are in the same building to watch and root for your favorite hockey team. You get to yell at and cheer for the team with the people around you. I have had some of the best conversations and greatest times in my life at Devils games.

5) What’s the most memorable game you’ve ever been at, or remember watching on television?

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Besides the obvious, when we won the Stanley Cup…“HENRIQUE, IT’S OVER!” will always be a favorite of mine, because who doesn’t love seeing the Rangers crumble and lose their chance at the cup to us? Travis Zajac’s hat trick last season was pretty awesome. That was the first time I ever saw a hat trick live and I sat lower bowl for that game. It was pretty cool to see hats flying everywhere in the arena and onto the ice. Marty’s last game will always hold a special place in my heart. We beat Boston, but we didn’t make the playoffs. For most people that would just be a normal final game of the season. For Devils fans, it was so much more than that. We all kind of knew that Marty wouldn’t be back because we had Cory now. I got to see the man who had been our goalie for as long as I can remember hockey, and the greatest goalie to ever play the game, play his final game as a member of the New Jersey Devils. Then he took one last lap around our ice while the entire arena chanted his name. I can say I was there to see that.

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