New Jersey Devils Mackenzie Blackwood Should Be Starter Going Forward

(Photo by Jim McIsaac/Getty Images)
(Photo by Jim McIsaac/Getty Images) /

Everyone knows the phrase “If if ain’t broken don’t fix it.” Well I hope the New Jersey Devils do. Despite injuries and having to contend while being the young guy at the position and the third goalie, who else has been better than Mackenzie Blackwood?

When this crazy season started the Devils were 4-0 and Keith Kinkaid looked like the best goalie in the NHL. A couple of months later and he was giving up goals all over the place. Devils fans should also remember it was his own defense who was not playing that great and still has not been stellar.

The Devils just look better with Blackwood in net. They know have dug themselves into a big hole. In the Metropolitan Division and the Eastern Conference, it can be tough to beat each other every night. Blackwood comes in just about every game cool, calm and ready to play. What would be the problem with a little rest for Kinkaid?

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Lost but not forgotten is Cory Schneider, who was back practicing during Monday morning skate. He will find his way back and could be back soon rather than later.

If Schneider is back, the question will be how much will be be used and is he being rushed back for any particular reason? In the meantime all Blackwood can do is get in the net and start a playoff push now. Any team can make it and as we just passed the halfway point, he or the team should not give up yet.

Coach Hynes and the Devils front office should see how much better the team is with him. Sometimes it takes just one player to start a spark. Maybe this year it can be Blackwood. Young players always seem to find a way to make the team more fun and exciting. For now, keep Blackwood in and if he really wants to be taken out for a night let him. The Devils have a big week coming up and i expect to see him in the net most of those games.