New Jersey Devils Should Be Encouraged By 2019 Playoffs

The 2019 Stanley Cup Playoffs have been incredibly unpredictable and that should give the New Jersey Devils loads of optimism going into next season.

The New Jersey Devils didn’t qualify for the 2019 Stanley Cup Playoffs for a variety of reasons. None of that matters now, but hopefully they are watching anyway. There is reason to be happy about the potential future success of this team after watching the first round.

The first round is usually chaotic. This year took that to a whole new level. All four division winners were eliminated by the Wild Card teams. This includes the Tampa Bay Lightning, who tied the record for most wins in a season in league history. Not only did they lose, they were swept by the Columbus Blue Jackets, who barely made the playoffs.

The Calgary Flames were the best team in the Western Conference, but now they’re gone. The defending Stanley Cup Champion Washington Capitals are also gone. The Central Division champion Nashville Predators are also gone. This is great news for the Devils management, players, and fans.

The Devils were a playoff team in 2017-18, then injuries and bad goaltending cost them a spot this year. Now after winning the lottery, they will add Jack Hughes to an already good core. This team can be similar to the four Wild Card teams in this years playoffs.

The Devils might find themselves in a Wild Card position next season, and these playoffs show that they might even be able to advance and make noise in the playoffs. Nobody is safe and hopefully the Devils realize that watching this postseason.

They held their own against the Lightning in the 2018 playoffs, but were ultimately defeated in five games. With improved goaltending, adding another top center, maybe a better blue line, and another year of experience for the young guys this could be the Devils as soon as next year.

They need to gear up in the summertime, figure out what Taylor Hall is going to do, improve the defense, and make sure the goalies are feeling well. Add the number-one overall pick in the NHL Draft, and some potential rookies that could come in and make an impact, this could be a team that makes noise in 2019-20.

Are you telling me that if the Devils are at full strength and add Hughes and Ty Smith, that they aren’t at least as good as the Carolina Hurricanes, the team that just defeated the Washington Capitals in seven games? Maybe they aren’t, but it will be fun to see them try next year. Good times are ahead, people!