New Jersey Devils Christmas Concept Jersey Is Worse Than Jersey Jersey

A very popular blog site proposed some Christmas-themed jerseys for NHL teams. The Devils jersey did not come out like others.
Washington Capitals v New Jersey Devils
Washington Capitals v New Jersey Devils / Bruce Bennett/GettyImages

The New Jersey Devils will always be synonymous with Christmas colors. When they moved from Colorado in 1982, their primary colors were red and green. In 1992, the Devils made the permanent (and correct) decision to replace the green in the team's jersey with black. Now, they have one of the most iconic jerseys, logos, and color schemes in sports. Red and black just hits different.

However, whenever it's Christmas time, there will always be holiday jersey concepts, and the Devils are an obvious choice. They've been red and green, Christmas's primary colors, and they often return to the colors for third jersey alternates. While the current Reverse Retro jersey has touches of blue and yellow to pay homage to the Colorado Rockies, the previous one was very green forward.

The red and green jersey was a best seller, with many players sold out almost immediately. It's still a very lucrative jersey, with some asking for hundreds of dollars on eBay. However, the latest jersey concept, which is actually a holiday jersey, wouldn't do so well.

As you can see from the above tweet by BarDown, the Devils jersey concept doesn't change much about the physical aspects of the jersey. The stripes and logo are in the same place. It's pretty much just a color swap, but it's SO MUCH RED.

Don't get us wrong, we love the color red on a jersey. However, this looks like a matador would use this jersey to entice a bull. The white being on the shoulders just makes the red stand out more. The green accents are so subtle that it might as well not even exist. The snowflakes on the elbows are just an interesting choice.

It's meant to be a fun social media conversation on a slow news day (Christmas), but if there's a jersey concept that has us clamoring for more Jersey jerseys, this is it.

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