New Jersey Devils Should Not Make A Trade For Anyone Right Now

Another brutal New Jersey Devils loss shows that this team isn't in a place where it should be selling off pieces for

New York Rangers v New Jersey Devils
New York Rangers v New Jersey Devils / Sarah Stier/GettyImages

The New Jersey Devils lost another game after a feeble performance against the New York Rangers. This comes after losing to the Washington Capitals on Tuesday. The Devils entered this week one win and a Red Wings loss away from being back in a playoff spot. Instead, the Devils lost two games and the Red Wings won both of their games.

The Devils see themselves as a playoff contender. Well, to get into the playoffs, they need to gain at least six points on the Red Wings or seven points on the Flyers while also jumping the Capitals. At the same time, they need to hold off the desperate New York Islanders and Pittsburgh Penguins. It's a very large task the Devils are asking from a team that has shown nothing but flaws for months now.

There are only 26 games left in the season. Think about that. There are only 26 games left. The Devils need to find a way to get the equivalent of three more wins than the Red Wings. In 26 games, in a reality where the loser point exists, this is just incredibly unlikely.

That brings us to the trade market. There is no reason for the New Jersey Devils to make a trade right now. It doesn't matter if it's a long-term solution like Juuse Saros or Jacob Markstrom. The Devils have no reason to pay trade deadline prices for a next year solution. Any of those deals will be cheaper in the summer.

Are we really even considering trading Alexander Holtz or Seamus Casey for a player when the playoffs are such an improbability? The thought of trading Dawson Mercer, Simon Nemec or the Devils first-round pick in the 2024 NHL Draft is pure insanity. Why would the Devils make this move now? Outside of Saros, the value isn't there in the least bit.

There are two weeks until the NHL Trade Deadline. The Devils have seven games between now and the trade deadline. How many do they have to win to get into the trade conversations again? Is it six? Would a 5-2-0 record get them back into it? That would put them at 70 points in 63 games, which is a 91-point pace. Even at that point, the Devils would need to play insanely well over the final stretch to get into the postseason.

It's time to face reality. The Devils are not going to make the playoffs with how they are playing, and one trade doesn't change that. Unless they turn around their current play, it's time to look forward.