Nobody Available Is Worth Simon Nemec To New Jersey Devils

The New Jersey Devils will be "big-game hunting" this offseason. However, no big name, even Brady Tkachuk and Mitch Marner, are worth Simon Nemec.
New Jersey Devils v San Jose Sharks
New Jersey Devils v San Jose Sharks / Thearon W. Henderson/GettyImages

The New Jersey Devils are going to be looking at the biggest names on the trade market this season. This isn’t just for a goalie, which they will be targeting. The Devils will be in on names that come out as they do their best to erase what was an awful 2023-24 season. However, to get a star it’s going to cost a ton. 

So, Devils fans, get ready to see a lot of Simon Nemec in trade proposals. We’re not saying this is even being requested by other teams, and it’s definitely not being offered by Tom Fitzgerald, but just about every mock trade including a star will also include the former Devils number-two overall pick. 

We’ve already talked about it in terms of Brady Tkachuk. The Ottawa Senators captain is going to need a massive haul to get, and Nemec would likely be the haul. The Sens could use another superstar defensive prospect to play alongside Jake Sanderson. However, this isn’t happening. 

Now, we’re going to hear about it when it comes to Mitch Marner. We’ve already seen some desperate Toronto Maple Leafs fans “offering” Marner’s services for the simple price of Nemec, Alexander Holtz, Nolan Foote, and two draft picks. Thanks? Marner is a great player who would help the Devils, but that contract and the fact that he plays wing does not help his value and definitely doesn’t get Toronto Nemec and more. 

Honestly, the Devils shouldn’t trade Nemec for anything. What this team needs is a good goalie, and there is no goalie worth a defenseman as talented as Nemec who is still on his entry-level contract. He will be key in the short term in helping the cap and in the long term in giving the Devils consistent defensive play.

There is no available star worth Nemec at the moment. We would love to have Tkachuk on the Devils, but losing Nemec just causes an even bigger hole when a winger isn’t the need here. Same goes for Marner. If another superduper star becomes available, then this conversation could change. However, for now, there’s no one available the Devils should even consider trading Nemec for.