Ottawa Senators-Jacob Markstrom Rumors Won't Impact New Jersey Devils

The latest goalie rumors have added the Ottawa Senators to the mix for Jacob Markstrom. It seems a little too convenient and unrealistic based on one very important factor.
Calgary Flames v Ottawa Senators
Calgary Flames v Ottawa Senators / Chris Tanouye/Freestyle Photo/GettyImages

The New Jersey Devils have been tied to Jacob Markstrom for most of 2024. We first mentioned Markstrom on January 4th when we said he was the best available goalie option at that time. Since then, it’s been confirmed that a deal was so deep that the Calgary Flames asked Markstrom to waive his no-trade clause for a deal to the Devils. 

Of course, we know what happened after that. Rumors swirled that the Flames owner nixed the trade, and it’s likely it was one of three trades Tom Fitzgerald failed to finish due to no fault of his own. The Devils could have had Markstrom in toe to save the season, but it didn’t happen. It was also clear that the Devils would revisit these negotiations in the offseason.

Now that it seems pretty clear the Devils have the momentum, we knew there was going to be rumors to try to quell that momentum. Many fall for it, and it has made moves in the past thanks to public pressure. Devils fans want a goalie, but only Juuse Saros would be universally beloved. Markstrom isn’t going to push Fitzgerald to make a bad move. 

The latest report feels like that. Bruce Garrioch has been very connected when it comes to the goalie market, and he actually has some information on the Devils nobody else seems to have. This isn’t to disparage his report because we believe the report, but it seems more smoke than fire.

The Senators are reportedly talking about a Jacob Markstrom trade? We are sure that those conversations are happening, but why would Markstrom waive his no-trade clause to go to Ottawa? They don’t have the type of roster to turn things around. Their defense isn’t anything to brag about. The ownership literally just got there and there’s a lot of risk with trusting them to make the right moves. The coach just got there, and he’s Travis Green

The New Jersey Devils are still the "frontrunners" for Jacob Markstrom despite the "smoke" coming from the Ottawa Senators.

Meanwhile, Markstrom can just wait with his full no-trade clause until a better team comes calling. Is there a chance that the Senators have a better season than the Devils? For sure, but the odds are not in their favor. Markstrom already waived his no-trade clause for New Jersey. He knows that option is on the table. He also knows the man who signed him to his current contract, former Flames GM Brad Treliving, is now the GM in Toronto, another team desperate for a goalie.

On top of New Jersey and Toronto, Carolina, St. Louis (if they trade Binnington), Pittsburgh (if they trade Jarry), and Los Angeles could all need goalies. The fact that we’re talking about Ottawa shows where the market is. We’re trying to drive up prices right before the draft. It’s fine. We appreciate the scoops.

However, this is where it starts to get a little too transparent. The report says the Flames are looking for a first-round pick and high-end young prospect.” 

We’re sure they’d love that to be the package, but who’s paying that price unless “high-end” is very subjective and the first-round pick is at the bottom of the round? The Devils are not paying that price. The Senators are not paying that price. If that’s the case, why would anyone else?